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The 2004 Madonna Re-Invention World Tour is officially here! Mrs. Ritchie will reportedly be playing fan favorites, but the songs will be revamped in exciting new ways - thus the tour's title, "Re-Invention." Still riding the surge of the Britney Spears kiss, this is the biggest buzz we've ever seen for a Madonna tour. Rumors are also at an all-time high. A 45-minute appointment at a top Los Angeles fertility clinic has sparked speculation that Madonna will decide to become a full-time mom. Fans are worried sick, as this may be their last chance to see their icon live.

A Madonna representative said, "She is working like she never has before. She is doing several greatest hits, and she has been rehearsing with dancers for up to 18 hours a day to make this her best show yet."

With numerous designer costume changes, endless controversy, and unexpected surprises such as celebrity guests, Madonna has proven her ability to rock a crowd with something they'll never forget. It's not hard to picture that this will be history in the making. After all, Madonna is the mother of Re-Invention.

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