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Show-Me Tickets, Inc. is a licensed ticket broker that sells Rush tickets and all major CONCERTS across the country. In addition to all concert tickets, we also have all professional sports team tickets. A list of our available Rush Tickets can be found by following any of the links on this page. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to assist you with your tickets order. We want to ensure your highest level of satisfaction so we can earn you as a customer for life.


"Great selection of great seats and prices that can't be beat! I will be recommending Show-Me Tickets to my friends!"
- B. Davis
Springfield, IL

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With futuristic song writing containing influences of works of fantasy and Ayn Rand, Rush is an innovative band packed with talent. Neither consistently popular with critics or pop charts, Rush tends to be overlooked. However, they have a dedicated fan base and are difficult not to like when given a fair chance. Although the peak of their career resides in the early 80's, their pure musicianship is second to none, and they continue to please fans with new material and live shows.

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When you find Rush tickets that you would like to purchase, you may purchase them online (or call us). We have a secure server to ensure security during the ordering process.

Your Rush order will be filled within two business days. All tickets will be sent via Fedex. The Shipping address must be the same as the address at which you receive your credit card billing statement.

The inventory is updated several times daily. However, if the group of tickets you wish to purchase are no longer available, we will give you other options including the option to cancel the order or you may choose an alternative set of tickets that we will try to offer.

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Show-Me Tickets, Inc. is a licensed broker based in the Midwest. We sell Rush tickets and other tickets at a price greater than face value. We specialize in obtaining premium and hard-to-find tickets for all events across the country. View our ticket inventory by clicking the "Show Me: Rush Tickets" button or give us a call at 800-555-5555.

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