Why buy from a Ticket Broker?

Why buy from a Ticket Broker?

1. Professional advice
- A ticket broker is similar to a travel agent or a stock broker in that they provide service along with a product. Ticket brokers are event experts. They are trained to provide recommendations tailored to a customer's specific needs.

2. A reputation you can trust
- Purchasing tickets from a reputable broker like Show-Me Tickets provides a safety net against any potential problems. We recommend purchasing tickets from a licensed broker. Reputable ticket brokers maintain normal business hours and a permanent location, to ensure assistance with any consumer complaints. While purchasing tickets from a “street scalper” whom you will probably never see again puts you at serious risk for fraud, dealing with a reliable broker ensures the highest degree of customer service.

3. Larger inventory
- A ticket broker that deals with worldwide events maintains contacts across the globe. They are in the best position to locate the ticket that best suits your needs. Ticket brokers maintain a wide variety of tickets for most nationwide events to accommodate every price range.

4. Special offers
- A reliable ticket broker will want to earn your business for life. To ensure your repeat business, Show-Me Tickets offers shipping discounts, a membership “points” system or corporate discounts. Show-Me Tickets will set you up with a personal account representative, who will tailor every package to your specific needs.

5. Outstanding customer service
- Show-Me Tickets strives to always provide the best customer service in the ticket broker industry. Our goal is to make Show-Me Tickets your only ticket source. Our friendly representatives will try to accommodate any request, and are always available to answer any questions you may have about a particular event or venue. If there are any areas where you feel we could improve our customer service, please do not hesitate to speak with a representative. Our customers have made us one of the most reputable brokers in the business – we truly value their opinions.

6. Convenience
- Show-Me Tickets expends the energy necessary to obtain premium seating. It is no longer necessary for you to spend years on a waiting list, a day in a box office line, or hours on the telephone to obtain those hard-to-find tickets. Our entire inventory of premium seating is clearly listed and priced on our website. To buy exactly what you need, place a quick call to our office, or simply buy online. In most cases, you can receive your tickets the next morning, if necessary.

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Tickets are sold for more than face value.